Marc Jacobs Botkier Lockheart Tylie Malibu 30% Today & Tomorrow

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  1. Marc Jacobs
    Tylie Malibu --- 30% Today & Tomorrow

    SIANY -- Telephone 1.805.557.1881

    Ask for Gina or Madison - pls say "referred by Dana"

    Here's 2 pix of what is 30% off... and you can call and ask if you don't see what you're looking for... No pix shown of the Tylie Malibu or Lockheart -
    only MJ and Botkier.

    *ALSO* Gina did say yesterday that she thought the owner would for sure discount the NEW STAM bag in IVORY on top shelf 30% off if interested. :yes:
    P4190898_ee.JPG P4190899_ee.JPG
  2. Thank you!
    is it everything in the picture or only the shelf with the sign??
  3. I just put the brown Marc Jacobs on hold..I love it!
  4. Wow! The Stam might be 30% off too?! :nuts:
  5. Hi there...

    I took pix of the bags that had that sign -- it's in a frame...

    I think all the bags I'm showing in the pix are indeed 30% off -
    if you're truly interested, I would give a call for sure!

    Gina is a sweetie - Madison very nice too.
  6. And YES!!!

    She said her boss would more than likely discount the STAM as well!!

    what a steal - this bag is $1600 everywhere else. I'm not an MJ fan,
    but if I was I'd grab it!!! :p
  7. awesome!! which location is this for? (I live in LA so I'd just go pick up in-store)
  8. Cool Mona Danya! Did they say they would ship to Canada?? Did you speak with Gina or Madison?
  9. Actually I put the black one on hold instead...I didn't ask if they can ship to Canada! Ooops...I wanna make sure I want it first!
  10. nevermind I figured it out!! thanks padparasha, I just put a hold on the botkier sophie satchel in lake.... ooh lala
  11. i just called and gina and madison were both not in-whoever i spoke to said there are no MJ bags on sale only wallets- is she mistaken??
  12. Hmmm.. strange!

    Figures neither of those girls are in. Shoot.
    Madison worked on Wed, Gina Thursday. But Gina told me it's either she or Madison that always work that store.

    Those bags in the pix are the MJs on sale at least that's what Gina said yesterday. I don't know who's there today.

    Is the bag you want pictured near the "framed 30% off" sign?
  13. I didnt ask for anything specific i said "Im calling about the marc jacobs sale" and she said "yes, we have a makeup bag and 3 wallets on sale" I said "oh there are no bags?" and she said "No but heres a # for our other location I think they had 1 Marc Jacobs bag on sale" so i called and the other store said "we're too busy, you'll have to call back"
    How did people put bags on hold? I'm confused
  14. anyone got the white patchwork stam at 30% off???? it's so tempting.......
  15. I was surprised they even put a bag on hold to be honest. They must not be too busy to do that.