Marc Jacobs "borrows" LV idea ??

  1. Check out this new bag by Marc Jacobs.... I know he's done lines for LV, but since he's started his own company, do you see a "similarity" to one of our LV ICONS ??

    I present the Marc Jacobs "Swifty", not to be confused with the classic LV "Speedy"!!!....hmmm...


    I can't be that he's running out of ideas, can it? What do you think ???? :tdown:
  2. There are a LOT Of other bags from other companies (Burberry among other) that look a LOT more like the speedy than this. I think he did a decent job not making it look too much like the Speedy. A much better job than burberry at least.
  3. He may have been influenced by the speedy, but imo they do look quite different. And anyway people have taken ideas from others for a long time now, plus I think most people would prefer a speedy to this anyway :p
  4. ^
    Yes this bag isen't very good looking. =-/ It looks very messy.
  5. the shape of the speedy is very common...this one looks too boxy, anyways.

    this bag, however, is
  6. I totally agree, Coach for instance has a bag out that is almost identical to the Speedy. I think he was very aware and did an excellent job staying away from the exact lines of the Speedy and instead opted for more of a classic boxy shape. I am not a fan of the bag, but I do think Marc stayed true to both himself and LV by keeping the lines distinct from one another.
  7. I would have thought that was fake. HALALA
  8. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was a fake LV who tried to look like a graffiti speedy with Marc Jacobs instead of LV on the graffiti. sorry:amuse::blush:

  9. ITA... I've actually seen fakes better than this one!
  10. Acctually i think it looks more like the Berkeley.
    Pic by Kittie Laroche.
  11. I think they look very different. I don't like that MJ bag.
  12. yeah fendi has got one that i was just like :nogood: it was adorable but anything remotely resembling an LV design that is not LV bothers me.
  13. The only thing Marc Jacobs probably did in relation to that bag was put his X on a piece of paper approving the production. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs, his diffusion line, and I'm pretty sure that it's strictly a name-licensing deal, i.e. he he has a team of designers who handle all the real work of creating the clothes and accessories. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  14. they all copy from each other. that's just the way it is.
  15. p11441194_ph_detail_01.jpg