Marc Jacobs Blush perfume bag???

  1. hey gals, just bought this on far as i know if was an incentive given out when MJ's 'blush' perfume hit stores...can anyone fill me in with more info?? TIA!
    MJ blush.jpg
  2. Isn't that the mini sling bag? :wondering I know a fellow member just bought one in Ferrari red recently. Which btw, June whatever happened to Washed rose and Poppy? :graucho:
  3. Yup, I think it's called the mini sling... is yours made of canvas? I think that's what was given as a promotional bag with the perfume. Congrats!
  4. that is so cute! i love all things mini.
  5. Cute:woohoo:!!
  6. It's adorable! :cutesy: Congrats!!
  7. thanks thithi! it had a BIN of $9.99....couldn't pass it up....and yes, it's the canvas....i think i might go to town and paint it or so inspired by PRADA's james jean bags!

  8. i thnk your right about the style. thanks!!:yahoo: and poppy and washed rose are going to have to wait until i can build up my bag funds again...till then, lil cheapo MJ accessories are like my nicorette gum!:roflmfao:
  9. Adorable - looks exactly like mine. Looks like it's almost the same color as my suede interior, pretty! can't go wrong with it @ 9.99. Wish my leather one was 9.99!!
  10. June, you crack me up! :roflmfao::roflmfao: