Marc Jacobs Bleeker

  1. Hi. I was at Nordstroms the other day looking at the MJ Bleeker and I really liked it. Before buying it, I thought I'd ask others their thoughts on four things:
    1) Do you find that the pushlock is an annoyance?
    2) Does the pushlock scratch very easily?
    3) Do you find the bag a tad heavy and hard to carry on the shoulder?
    4) Do you think that this is a "classic" style that will endure more than one season?
  2. I don't find the pushlocks annoying, and they have never scratched on my bags. (but note i treat my bags like babies and i don't own a Bleeker.) The Bleeker could be heavy if you wern't used to it, but personally i don't find it to be that heavy.. I'm used to heavy bags.. I'm sure once you got used to it it would be totally fine. I was looking into buying this bag in Amythest, so i know there's already a thread about it.. I quite like the bag, but it is definitely a BIG bag. And less "classic" than other styles such as Blake, Venetia, etc. I decided against it because i wasn't in love with the bag, but the gorgeous purple color.

    Good luck! ;)
  3. 1. No
    2. No.
    3. Most MJ bags are on the heavy side, it depends on what you are used to. They are certainly heavier than Balenciaga's motorcycle bags, LV's canvas bags, Prada's nylon bags. I didn't look too closely at this particular bag in real life so I'm not sure if it's a shoulder or hand-held bag. I wear all my MJ bags on my shoulder.
    4. I don't like this style; there are many nicer MJ bags last season.
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