marc jacobs blake

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  1. can i ever find a marc jacobs blake on sale?? i want it in emerald, some kind of dark blue or pink. will i not find the bag on sale? is my best bet to just buy full retail at the boutique?
  2. I have only see a Blake on sale once and it was actually the Emerald colored one - it was half off at Macy's in Chicago! That was in December and I wound up calling a friend who bought it. I have also seen a pink/fuschia blacke on sale at Nordstrom Rack for about half off in Chicago as well. I think there are out there but just requires luck :shame:
  3. they are going for $429 at various Nordstrom Rack locations...I just got one the other day... I had to charge send it because I don't have a NR in my area.
  4. I know you're probably looking for a new one but I have seen used on on some of the consignment sites mentioned on this board.
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. It's weird, I ended up getting a MJ Emerald Blake at bloomingdales in like was a wednesday night and I saw it out of the blue and acted fast. I think it was 30% off plus another 15% off so I got it for like $600 and change. Bloomingdales = shop them in the middle of the week - that's where I've caught all my really good deals on MJ!!!!
  7. I've seen some @ my local Off Saks 5th Avenue stores before!
  8. Check Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, and Off 5th. Good luck!
  9. Someone just posted that the Nordstrom Rack on State Street in Chicago has the Berry Blake for 395. I know they do a charge send, so it's worth it for you to call. Be prepared, ppl there don't know the style names so if you call them with the best description possible or the style number it would be easier for them to find it for you.
  10. ^ That's where I got the tomato blake in my avatar...It was last October at an Off Fifth in Pa...I got the info from a pf'r here..Ordered it over the phone..Plus that day there was an extra 20% off sale, and they didn't charge me shipping..It was around $450.00..a STEAL!!!!! (OK have bought beaucoup bags since I'm second guessing myself..It was either at Off Fifth or NM Last Call...Shoot!! I'll have to search my own posts!!:confused1: )

    ANYWAYS..YES can find certain colors on sale...I posted what color I wanted to the fab pf'r shoppers lovely pf'r saw one and was like all in 24 hours..done!!!