Marc Jacobs Blake in yellow


Dec 13, 2005
Wow, if I had the extra $$$ right now I'd snap this up in a minute. I think this is a fabulous yellow bag. What do you guys think?

I have a black Blake and know how great the bag itself is. I just love this color. Gotta get a money tree ....;)
I love both of those colors for the Blake. I'm hoping the green one will go on sale sometime soon :shame: I'd definitely pick it up then. The leather on that bag is soft :love:
I like this quilted bright yellow Blake on even better! Of course, I could never pull off a bag this flashy...


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I saw the yellow one at Holt Renfrew (a luxury store in Canada) and it was gorgeous. I'm contemplating of getting one for an everyday bag, but I'm afraid it may be too small, but then again, I don't want to carry a bag as large as luggage with me everyday. I wouldn't get the yellow one, not my colour, but I want a black quilted leather one.
Oooh, ValerieB, what a pretty bag! I think anyone could pull it off with a neutral enough outfit (jeans/white tank)...just keep everything else simple.
The "plain" leather yellow Blake with gold hardware is a very nice color. It's not mustardy, more creamy yellow to me. I'm not sure how the one with silver hardware looks... I think it'd be a great accent if you wear more neutrals, jeans, or even black. It's not that yellow where you're going to think "There goes a bumblebee!" That's my test for yellow and black combos.

The green Blake is OLD. It's from last year and should have gone on sale by now....

The Blake is a great size purse. Since it's got three comparments, you're organized AND can fit quite a bit in there. It's the one purse I'd get in multiples...
I really like the look and size of the Blake. Prolly the only MJ bag I'm in love with atm. What colours do the quilted ones come in? I've seen black and white (or ivory, whatever they call it) and now the yellow on here. Anyone seen or know of others?
Blake comes in many colors...

The Leather Blake Bag (13"W x 8 1/2"H x 6"D) comes in butter, black, nutmeg, olive, putty, taupe, gold, silver, ..

Quilted Blake (13x6x8.5) comes in Hazelnut, Denim, White, Canary, Black, .. -- from RESORT 2005 WOMENS

The Large Satchel (with buckles at bag sides; 17x7.5x9.75) comes in other colors like White, Black, Nutmeg, Orange, ... -- from RESORT 2005 WOMENS