Marc Jacobs Bauletto Satin bag, yes or no?

  1. I saw this bag online and I am contemplating on getting it, but i'm so undecided. On one hand, it looks like a gym bag with the satin and all that. On the other hand, maybe i might be able to wear it with something dressy/casual?? I don't know. I need help! Opinions? the bag is 11 '' H x 12 1/2 ''W x 8'' D. Thanks !!!
  2. My gf bought the purple,pink version of this same bag and it totally ROCKS!
  3. The purple/pink version sounds totally fab! Thanks!
  4. I really like the look and material but I don't like the fact that Coach is making something really similar...
  5. No kidding! huh! That just sucks cuz the MJ purple/pink is pretty pimp and fun to rock.:yes:
  6. I say no because it looks like something that wouldn't be very versatile. Then again, I prefer leather bags. How much does it cost?
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    I have the one with dark brown outsides (where there is green on the picture). It was my first MJ bag and still today I wear it and love the color of the leather's been over the years! Its a masterpiece that I can give to my children and grandchildren for many years to come. Its strong and so well made in stitches and everything. A great bag! :yahoo:

  8. I like it.