Marc Jacobs Ballet Ribbon Flats

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  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these flats. They are gorgeous as well as comfortable! I just purchased these last week and wanted to share my excitement!
  2. I love them too! They're cute and elegant at the same time. Congrats!
  3. Very cute, congrats! And they look comfy too...
  4. oh i love them! i've wanted those for a while just can't justify spending that much on a pair of shoes.
  5. Those are really cute! Congrats on a great shoe find!
  6. cool:cool:
  7. They are very pretty.
  8. Gorgeous! I was holding a pair in this mauve-ish colour the other day but couldn't think of what I'd wear it with, so I set it back down.

    Poppincourt, how are you going to wear these cute shoes? I love MJ ballet flats! So comfy and so cute!
  9. Thanks ladies, you guys are all so sweet!

    toiletduck: So far, I've only worn them with darkdenim bermuda shorts (the one that are just right above the knees) and a eyelet top also from m by mj line, and underneath the eyelet, I layer it off with a gold satin cami that has lace trimming on the bottom. This outfit LOOKS hot with my black first! Ive only worn these shoes once so thats the only oufit i ever wore it with for now. lol.
  10. omg.... those are ADORABLE!! i need to hunt for those tomorrow, gorgeous!!
  11. Very cute! You must be pretty tall (very jealous)! Enjoy your flats!
  12. Those are absolutely fabulous. Now I have shoe envy :biggrin:
  13. those flats are soo cute and chic~!

    can I ask how much you paid for 'em?
  14. I'm curious too :yes:

    They are adorable. I need to start looking into cute flats for comfort. I think my feet are starting to resent me for killing them in high heels for 8yrs :shame:
  15. I love them!!

    Can you buy them online anywhere????
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