Marc Jacobs & bags named after models

  1. (from SHOP Etc 9/06 issue)
    Number of bags Marc Jacobs has named after models, including the "Daria" (Werbowy), "Karolina" (Kurkova) and "Christy" (Turlington).

    Do you know the answers to all 21 of them? Let's fill them in? =)

    "Christy" (Turlington)
    "Daria" (Werbowy)
    "Eva" (?)
    "Maggie" (?)
    "Karolina" (Kurkova)
    "Selma" (?)
    "Sofia" (Coppola)
    "Stam" (Jessica)
    "Stella" (?)
  2. Adina! (For Adina Froehlin, I think)
  3. Selma Blair
  4. Stella McCartney??
  5. bag.lover- interesting article! How about the part about the average a woman spends is $42 on a handbag.:wtf: Oh, boy, somehow I think that wouldn't be the average with this forum!...;) :roflmfao:
  6. eva herzigova? maggie rizer?
  7. Stella is Stella Tennant
  8. Stam, for Jessica Stam.
  9. There are so many more: Courtney, Danielle, Diane, Laura, Sienna, ...
  10. i think he also names a lot of his bags after actresses and industry friends. there are way more than 21 names.
  11. Anouck =Anouck Lepère?
  12. mischa barton
    rachel bilson
    sienna miller
  13. Who is the Caroline bag named for?
  14. The Danielle bag who is it named after????
  15. sienna miller
    maggie rizer
    selma blair
    jessica stam
    sofia coppola

    diane ?
    jane ?
    trish ?