Marc Jacobs bags disappointment

  1. did u know that marc jacobs don't actually design these bags with his name on it? The real designer has now quit and started her own bag label called gryson. :smile:
  2. most of the major fashion designers don't design all of their bags. instead they have an accessories team that creates the designs for the purses, shoes, jewelry, etc. each season in accordance to the designer's vision for the main clothing line. it's impossible for one designer to create everything that bears his name considering that many of them hold creative director positions for multiple fashion houses (e.g. mj designs for louis vuitton and derek lam is the new creative director for tod's) or they have multiple lines like mj has his mbmj diffusion line (e.g. prada has miu miu, etc.).

    joy gryson was a former member of marc jacobs's accessories design team, but i'm sure she wasn't the only one. also, all designs have to be approved by mj himself before they're sent down the runway and/or produced for sale. i would also think he has input throughout the design stages, so he maintains his involvement in the production of his bags. after all, if had to send out items with my name on them, i would want to make sure i liked them. there's nothing like sending a truly heinous bag out into the market to ruin one's designer credibility.
  3. I like Gryson's influence on MJ, but as for her own line, I'm not really impressed. I know there are others who lover her bags and I can understand why. I've tried them on at the store before and for some reason they just don't do anything for me like MJ. It's got nice leather and suede, but the designs are just blah to me.
  4. Wait! Now I'm confused. If MJ doesn't actually design for his own label, who's actually designing for LV?
  5. MJ designs for LV, but in fashion (I don't know if you are in the business) the head designer has a design team in all aspects that help him with his vision and theme. He or she will oversee the process of design and design themselves, but they need a team of people to make it happen. Some areas, such as accessories are even licensed out many times (think Calvin Klein who in the 90's was in too many places and the name suffered).
  6. i think it's neat that she was on the team.. but i dont actually like gryson bags =x
  7. I think mostly the head designer is the visionary and the figurehead. Sort of like a president. They sketch their ideas and let the design team make them happen. They coordinate the design team and approve things. They help with designs too and oversee things. They have the ability to make all the designs from start to finish, they just don't have the time. You see some of this if you watch the Baby Phat reality show. If you really think about it, there's no way that one designer can make every item concept from start to finish each season. They pretty much have to work in teams to create the patterns for the designs, coordinate the factories, and create the ads. There's a lot of work to do there.

    I've designed a few knitwear patterns on my own for fun and let me tell you -- it takes months sometimes just to make one pattern start to go. I will often start something and then pull it apart, or partly apart, etc. And writing and double checking the pattern, and then sizing it for different sizes, and then taking pictures -- it's all a lot of work!
  8. I really do not care who designs them as long as his name is on them!!
  9. ThiThi - I totally agree!

    When Gryson was featured in Harper's Bazaar (one page article) last year, I was so excited and interested. Thank goodness I did not pay full price!

    I purchased several at the Nordstrom sale for $199 each (original price $1000)! At that price, the bags were "worth it". I can't see how they even sell at full price when every where I turn, they are marked down 50 to 80% off.

    Gryson leathers are inferior to Marc Jacobs by far. And none of the Gryson designs even comes close to Stella (apparently she claims that she designed Stella).

    And Marc Jacobs continue to produce some pretty nice bags even after Gryson departed...Just some thoughts.