Marc Jacobs Bag................

  1. [​IMG]JUST SAW THIS ON ELUXURY.......DOES IT LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE ALL THE MJ TOTES??? I HAVE 3 MJ TOTES...I dont want them all to look alike-Opinions?
  2. I think it's a really nifty looking bag.
  3. Isn't this one a bit plainer than the other MJs? I like it too -- it's a nice bag.
  4. Definitely more plain the most of the MJ bags. But I like this clean simple look!
  5. Hmm I wouldn't have pegged that for MJ, so I guess to answer your question - No. Love the color
  6. It's a very pretty bag, but if you already have three MJs why not look at something a little different?
  7. i like it
  8. I love it. I bet the leather is TDF!!!
  9. It's really nice- I saw it IRL tonight...
  10. I saw it at the mall today and it was gorgeous. Very simple and classy! The picture does not do justice.
  11. Love this one.
  12. This doesn't look like MJ at all. It doesn't have the signature clasp and pockets.

    Go for it, it looks awesome!
  13. I likey!
  14. I too like this MJ style alot... I'm biased tho 'cos I bought the Julia in White and I looove it... :P
  15. I like it! It's definitely more streamlined than some of his other bags.