Marc Jacobs bag in Devil Wears Prada?

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  1. The blue one she gives her friend at dinner, with the pockets on the front? It's gorgeous and I LOVE pockets on the front!! I need that bag, and after searching the Marc Jacobs website and this forum I can't figure out what it is!

  2. Never mind LOL, I'm a dork, found it in the Marc Jacobs forum :yahoo:
  3. Hey my friend Oregon!

    Well, I know this is older and you've found it. But that bag inspired my whole Marc Jacobs following and even the blue thing. Plus I have it in quilted denim:

    It's a blue leather Multipocket bag, one of the classics.
  4. That is a really cute bag!
  5. I have it! MJ in California was able to find one for me, since the color was an older color and is no longer available.

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  6. Hubby got me the DVD for Christmas so I am making him watch it with me tonight. OC I saw it the weekend it came out but I won't mind seeing it again and again. I saw that Multi-pocket and fell in love that day.
    ETenebris vbmenu_register("postmenu_1469263", true); you are one lucky duck!
  7. Thanks! I went back to see it in the theater a second time just to try to see what color the bag was! MJ sent me two bags...a blueberry and a denim leather so I could figure out which was the right one. They had to have the denim (the color that is in the film) shipped from a warehouse because it was from an older season, but the color is awesome. Sadly, it sits in my closet since I got the Blue India Balenciaga and don't really need two blue bags.
  8. ^^I remember you doing that. We were all so glad when you found her! So pretty.
  9. That is one good looking color!! Too bad that you don't use it much, I know b-bag colors are gorgeous.... but I still totally drool for that blue!!!
  10. I love this bag! I remember your posts ETenebris, and deciding between the denim and blueberry! They're both such beautiful colors! Congrats again!

    :heart: this movie!
  11. I'd give my kidney for that bag, it's GORGEOUS!
  12. oh my god i want that bag
  13. gawd i was so excited with that scene over the mj bag! my friend was ignoring me while i squealed in delight and went mj mj mj over and over again. haha.
  14. I saw it on sale (at least i thnk it was the same multi-pocket) at Holt Renfrew on a trip to Toronto, the same day as seeing the movie. Gourgeous.
  15. I just watched that movie last night and LOVE that bag!