Marc Jacobs bag for work??

  1. Can someone tell me which MJ bag I should get for work? I have looked online at the Julia, Diane and Mia. Any suggestions???
  2. Have the DIANE..its hard and heavy..Dont love it..Julia is too small for work stuff...I just bought the MJ Ursula tote in quilted leather..LOVE that should check it out in the stores..MJ put out a really pretty cashew shade in this tote for fall at Nordstroms.
  3. For work bags, I like totes -- how about you? Do you plan to carry files in them? Size-wise, how big of a bag can you go? =)

    Stella (pushlock version; picture from ebay) is a classic bag. There's a new Tote from MJ this season (picture from NM online). What do you think?
    dsc05758.jpg NMV8444_ap.jpg
  4. I think the larger version of the Mia will work if you need to bring papers or just drag a lot of stuff with you to work.
  5. I agree with Bag.lover....the Stella tote is really awesome. My first MJ purchase was a Stella tote in Wine...still use it quite frequently.
  6. When I read the title of this thread, I immediatly thought of the Stella. To me it seems like the perfect work bag.
  7. I just looked at the Stellas! Love them. That is a great idea. I plan on carrying files and then the basic things that I have to bring to work too, like water and lunch. Thanks for replying!
  8. I am watching that auction too. Members here seem to believe it is authentic. I really like the stella.
  9. bag.lover is the best at finding the best bag for every purpose. Love her. :smile:
  10. I'm with the crowd here - the Stella is the perfect work bag, so perfect that I have managed to acquire 4 of them!

    That 1st season black Stella (with the brass buckles instead of the pushlocks) is just gorgeous - honestly, if I hadn't just bought the almost identical reissue, I would be all over that auction.
  11. I carry my MJ Stellas (both with pushlock) and MJ Karolina to work. My Stellas have the fabric liner so they are a bit lighter than the ones with the suede.
  12. How sweet. =) Thanks, love you too. =)
  13. Youngprof, I love your MJ collection. =)