MARC JACOBS BAG,does anyone know the name of this bag?

  1. Hello, I purchased this fab MJ at Neimans last call. Its my first MJ and I got a superfantastic deal on it. Its a really cool red that sort of changes shades. Weird! but i like it. Llast night it was a deep edgy Rockstar red and this afternoon its like a Fire Engine Red. Anyhoo, does anyone know the proper name and what year this bag was from? much thanks! :flowers:
  2. I think that bag also came in a bright pink and was recently on I want to say that the style name is "Karolina"--but I could be wrong...
  3. Yep, that's a Karolina and the color looks like Ferrari red but I'm not positive about that.
  4. oooo i like the name and the name of the color!! thanks bunches:love:
  5. Don't know the name...cute bag!
  6. The name is Karolina and it was from 2005, but I don't remember exactly which season. I don't think it's Ferrari Red or Tomato though, even though it looks close to them - I think that color may have had another name - I wish I could remember it - sorry. Pretty bag too - enjoy!
  7. It's Ferrari Red.
  8. I just took the tags off! And low and behold on the back of the 100% calf leather tag is the all the info on this bag. Its a small Karolina calf leather Ferrari Red. I'm LMAO right now. I was so excited about the great find and fantastic price that I only examined the bag for flaws (which there weren't any) and never bothered to read what the tags said. I like it for my first MJ! Its totally Rockstar! Thanks for all your help:flowers:
  9. Janice, great find. Congrats on your 1st MJ beauty!! =)