Marc Jacobs bag - anyone has this one already?

  1. I bought this bag in white, online from BG and received it yesterday. The bag is beautiful, leather is soft, zipper pulls are solid and heavy...the bag is extremely well made! However, I felt the bag was too large for me, and I'm 5'9". If the length had been 4" shorter I would have kept the bag.
  2. Too large? Wow, I would have never guessed. Sorry to hear it didn't work out!
  3. not really a fan of this bag, werid shape
  4. Oh... I didnt notice about the measurements. But sometimes the seller measure the bag on their own. From the photos, it looks authentic though. Anyway, the auction already ended. ;)
  5. Yes, it is pretty big. But as ecmd7 said, very well made, lovely soft leather.