Marc Jacobs Baby Aidan or Minkoff MAB???


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Jul 30, 2009
Hello!...Debating between purchasing a baby Aidan in steel or a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag in yellow silverspot...I love the satchel style and look of both but being able to wear it comfortably over my shoulder is also very im to me as well....What do you guys think between the two?

Kyung Hwa

Oct 8, 2009
I love the Baby Aidan and am a fan of MbMj but the double handles won't fit comfortably over the shoulder and from what I've read and experienced with the Baby Groovee is the shoulder strap isn't the most user friendly. There's some discussion about the shoulder strap in the MJ forum. HTH


May 16, 2008
I would say that neither of these bags is particularly shoulder friendly, unfortunately (I have owned several MABs and MAMs in the past). The solution with the MAB is to get a matching shoulder strap, but to my knowledge a matching shoulder strap was never produced for the yellow/silverspot MAB - and I have never seen one on either ick-bay or the Bonz.

You might also want to take into account the fact that there have been a lot of quality control issues with RM bags (some more than others), and the bags with signature hardware (like the exact MAB you are interested in) have been particularly problematic. Not all of them - but certainly enough of them to be worrisome. If you take a look at the "Quality Control/Customer Service" thread in the RM main sub-forum, you will see that sending a bag in to RM to have it fixed is generally not a picnic, either. (I also speak from experience on that point). :sad:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I would hate for you to be disappointed in your purchase.


Jun 13, 2008
What a tough but fun decision. I own both RM & MBMJ bags. I have no problems fitting a RM Morning after (MAB or MAM) over my shoulder but the baby Aidan doesn't fit comfortably over the shoulder for me. I don't use detachable straps for any of my RM or MBMJ bags.

I have a RM dusty/silverspot MAM and the silverspot is gorgeous in person. Mine has silver signature hardware and I haven't had issues with any of my RMs with this hardware. Is this bag going to be your every day bag? If so the steel color would be easier for me to work in my wardrobe daily but if yellow works in yours, then that won't factor in. I haven't seen either of these colors in person though.

If I were you, I would search the reference libraries in both the MJ & RM subforums and look at the mod pics of each style. Then decide which one grabs you the most. Good luck with your decision :smile:
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Sep 18, 2008
Hmm I really like both these bags. I guess it depends on (a) what shape you like better and (b) how important it is to fit on the shoulder. My co-worker has the baby aidan and easily wears it on her shoulder, but she's very, very skinny. I've tried on both and find the mab very comfy on the shoulder. The baby aidan can fit on there, but it's not very comfy and it's kinda funny looking on me since i feel all squished in there :P. I probably wouldn't use the detachable straps for either of the bags myself, but that is always an option. Good luck!


Nov 5, 2009
I don't know if you've purchased either bag yet but I own both MJ and RM bags and recently my RM bag broke. I called their headquarters and they fixed my bag for free. It was a labor intensive job to do so but they ensure the quality of the bags and therefore their customer service was excellent. It was refreshing. Just something to think about.