Marc Jacobs Ava bag???

  1. Was there ever a MJ bag called AVA? If so, does anyone have a pic of it? When I first started buying MJ bags, I bought a pink one that looks like the Kate but bigger. But the zippers were lampo and did not seem right. The font was funny. So, I thought that the seller sold me a fake bag. Since then, I have learned so much more on this Forum that now it may have been real. I still have the bag at my parents home, but it would make me feel so good that I did not buy a fake purse.
  2. Thanks bag.lover! It looks just like it! Did you buy this purse?
  3. I have this purse (Eva) in another color (Fleshtone), the tag says 2018 / PADLOCK BAG MJ258 / TUMBLED CALF / FLESHTONE. I wish I got the items in the listing too -- the purse & the matching wallet are so nice.
  4. What a cute bag! When did it come out?
    I love the contrast stitching and interior, so pretty.
  5. Mine is a punchy pink color. No idea of the name. The interior is cream suede. It was so heavy! Are your Lampo zippers the one where the font is all caps and uneven?

    That was a great deal for both of those purses! I did not ever even see that auction!
  6. I also have the Eva also in the flesh pink.
  7. I got mine from a good friend, I am not sure when it came out (at least 2 years ago). Thanks. =)
  8. My Eva is not heavy at all. I don't pay attention to the details (zippers, fonts), I will check on them for you a little bit later -- gosh, ebay really freaks us out (takes the fun out of online shopping). You can also post some pictures, members who have seen this bag will be able to help you. It's originally $750, how much did you pay for it?
  9. Coachwife, we are bag sisters. =) We have the same taste in bags. =)
    Do you find Eva heavy?
  10. :heart:
    I paid $250 or something like that. The seller said she got it from andiflower, who I checked out and they had great feedback and sold several authentic items. Here are some pics. You are right, it does take the fun out of online shopping. Especially since I do not have access to any shops that sell MJ bags and I depend mostly on ebay for those purchases. I have been so much more careful now and can normally spot a fake from the real deal b/c of this site! Love PF and all of you guys!
    04_0.jpg 50_0.jpg c2_0.jpg cb_0.jpg db_12.jpg
  11. hmm, I can't click on the bottom four thumbnails. Looks like the real deal so far, esp since it has the made in italy stamped into the leather. Not many fakers go out of their way to do that.
  12. Not heavy at all. Much lighter than the multipockets but I don't think they are heavy either. I like the way the Eva hangs.
  13. I can't enlarge any of the photos except for the first one. The first photo looks good.
  14. On vogue's site, she says that two lines in 2002/2003 came with the old Lampo zippers, the button snap bags and "The other was the padlock hobo." Perhaps she was referring to this one? No photo to confirm. But not many bags with a padlock either.

    She needs to update her site. :P