Marc Jacobs at Nordstrom Rack Chicago

  1. I was just at the rack and they had Marc Jacobs bags for the taking! They had three Berry Blake's left for about 400 and some of the Metallic styles, (sorry I don't remember the names). :yahoo:
  2. Wow! Only $400 for a berry Blake? That's a steal!!
  3. ^ I wish it was a berry venetia *total drool*
  4. omg, i have no $$. would love a berry blake. why or why does the LA Rack never have MJ bags!
  5. There is a Berry venetia on eBay right now :graucho:
  6. there were two berry venetia on Saturday at Nordstrom Rack LI, NY.
  7. I believe NR will ship the bag to you if you all them during a quiet hour.
  8. Two berry venetias today at NR in Roseville, CA for about $500

    Also, three small MPs in Berry for $350 each.
  9. Berry Blake...:shocked: would NR ship to a shipping address other than that of your billing address? I'm in school right now and I can't afford to have my family get the package and um...yeah. :sweatdrop: What hours would be quiet hours?
  10. wow wow wow, with all the berry venetia spottings!!! I think I have some phone calls to make this morning!! Thank you!
  11. hurry! the NR in roseville only had 1 berry venetia left!
  12. Chicago NR has a SILVER Venetia, good luck!
  13. A Silver Venetia? I totally didn't see it!
  14. Long Island Nordstrom Rack has 2 Berry Venetias and 2 small MP's as of 4:30pm today.
  15. I just bought the last silver venetia from Nordstrom Rack in Chicago!
    It was just hanging there all by itself so I grabbed it quick! Only paid $490!