Marc Jacobs at local Nordstrom

  1. Just got back from Nordstrom. They have a MJ quited stam in yellow/gold color for $700+ marked down from $1200+. Very cute, very beautiful. I think is the following one, but can't remember whether it's patent leather or not.

    The number for the Nordstrom is (310) 470-6155
  2. Did it look like this?


    That's the "Kid." It's the smaller version of the Stam. Some members have been finding it in black and plum at this sale price too. :yes:
  3. Saw this exact same bag an NM San Diego! They have tons of MJs too!
  4. Yup yup, luvpurses24, that's exactly the one I saw.

    There were also lots of pants, shorts and skirts on sale at Banana Republic. The on sale pants are marked down to around $10, skirts and shorts are $7.