Marc Jacobs at

  1. I know Costco has sold fake bags in the past...I think there was a Balenciaga fake there before. They were really good at pulling them, but it still scares me :shrugs:
  2. WEIRD.

  3. Interesting. But other stores sell them for less when they're on sale ... so I have to say I'm not too impressed with their pricing.
  4. eek.Its like buying Prada shoes at Kmart..ROFLMAO!
  5. I agree.
  6. While the irony of buying a designer handbag (or designer anything, for that matter) at a Costco can't be beat, Costco in general does have some benefits. (This all came up with the Baleciaga fakes - which they quickly removed from circulation once they realized that they were not authentic). They refund shipping/handling with all returns, plus they give you an amazing amount of time to return items. I think someone told me it's a year or even more??? I'm sure their website will have the details. Who knows, maybe it could be worthwhile to test the waters.
  7. costco has a 6 month no questions asked return policy unlike Bluefly so if you think the bag is fake then you have some kind of immediate recourse

    but damn MJ @ Costco...if I see Chanel there I swear I will pass out
  8. Gotta love Costco! :nuts:
  9. I just did a search. In addition to MJ, they have Ferragamo, Burberry, Coach and others.
  10. I've seen authentic Coach and Longchamps in their stores. I just never think "Oh, I want a designer handbag I'll go to Costco!??? It seems weird. But, hey if someone can get a discount on an authentic bag then i'm all for it. And now that they are selling Balenciaga, Prada, and Chloe' in DSW who knows whats next!!!!
  11. Thanks for pointing out Costco's return policy. I never think about looking for a handbag there but I would buy one from them if the price was right.
  12. I still think it cheapens the bag big time. Part of buying a gorgeous bag, is the experience of purchasing it.

    Popping along to costco, and picking one up - not for me Im afraid! :sad: