Marc Jacobs article/interview in the Times' Thursday Styles.

  1. Interesting!!!!!!
  2. Very interesting article! Thanks for the post!! I love people like this....I think it's his creativity that attracts people to him. Love it or hate it, it's Marc Jacobs. Besides....creative people aren't always normal..LoL
  3. Thanks for this atricle.I think Jacobs is a truly talented designer one of the best America has produced.His S/S 08 collection was absoloutely Brilliant,perfect reflection on todays culture.And i think all this nonsense and attacks on him only work in his favour.What Suzy Menkes wrote was absoloutely unccessary.If she hated the collection she could have gave a more constructive review,instead it looked like she was just *****ing because she had to wait for two hours on a holiday.
    Fashion should delight,provoke and surprise in my opinion,and Jacobs gets that.
  4. Really good article! It really gives you a glimpse into MJ's life and brain. :smile:

    Thanks for posting!!
  5. this just proves that there are haters everywhere!
  6. great article. i'd act completely starstruck too if i met marc jacobs on the street!
  7. has anyone read the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar (the one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover)? it was HB's 140th anniversary so they asked designers to create a special cover for their 140th anniversary. pretty much every influential designer created one, from Galliano to Oliver Theyskens for Nina Ricci to Versace. Anyways, I was poring through the pictures looking for Marc Jacobs' design and I was so disappointed! Whereas other designers had put alot of thought and creativity into their covers, MJ's was just a handwritten card that said "happy 140th anniversary, Bazaar! love, Marc Jacobs." I love him, but it was really disappointing.