Marc Jacobs and his boy toy.

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    Instead of giving his boy toy a complimentary and much needed make-over, Marc Jacobs decided to adopt his lover's look and transform from the fashion guru we all know and love, into a generic gay guy.
  2. He looks happy and I admit, his shirt is funny. I dig.
  3. awwww, they're cute...
    but i prefer his messy look before
  4. So are they together again? Isn´t this the same man he broke it of with?
  5. I still can't believe he dates a male escort :wtf:

  6. WHAT :wtf:
  7. Why is Marc Jacobs' boyfriend on the cover of HX? The hookers of the world are a fun bunch, don't get us wrong--and there are plenty of hookers advertised in the magazine, so they obviously know their market. But still, really?...
    Jason Preston has long been the target of the gossip world: a modern-day Pretty Woman come true, he's a well-known rent boy plucked from the masses to be adored by Mr. Couture Of The Moment. Although he has quite the knack for planting himself on the dinner plates of reporters, and then feigning exhaustion by all the publicity. Then there's that tattoo on his arm, perhaps meant to be artsy and cool, but really it's just spooky.

    Source: Queerty

    I remember being really surprised reading about it a while back. Marc's a good looking guy & at the top of the fashion industry. Surely he could find a guy he didn't have to pay for, you know?
  8. Well, I´m sure he doesn´t pay him while they date ;)
  9. i didn't even recognize him for a moment, i had to really look at the picture. now he looks like he's dating his little brother.
  10. Mark looks great; fit, healthy and happy. I'm glad he lost the bloat. And he still dresses nerdy; he had on a boring grey suit and his big goofy glasses at the CFDA dinner the other night. Too cute.
  11. Am I the only one who loves the big classes, messy hair look :lol:
  12. Lol, agreed :smile:

    - ÄiÐêN :P
  13. i likeeey his look!!
    i almost didnt recognize him!!:P
    so cute he almost look straight..LOL
  14. Hahaha!! :P

    - ÄiÐêN :smile:
  15. He is looking much better...good for him