Marc Jacobs Alyona or Burberry Manor?

  1. Hi,
    After a lot of thought I still cannot come to a conclusion as to whether I should go for the Marc Jacobs Alyona in grey or the Burberry Manor bag in beige, chocolate or patent putty? Both are on sale, and both were bags I liked. I was initially leaning towards the manor bag, as I don't have a burberry bag, nor do I have anything in that style. I already have a Marc Jacobs stam hobo in black, but that won't put me off getting another one. Help!!:s
  2. Alyona !!!!!
  3. Hi DivasDare,
    Yes that is the bag but I really like it in the chocolate, which is a deeper, vibrant variation of the black, as the black looks a little bit matt, or the putty beige. The alyona I have only ever really liked in the mouse grey. Both are different in style. Both are on sale. The MJ being cheaper than the Burberry. So do you think I should go for the Manor and not the Alyona?
  4. i like the alyona better. the manor looks...old. there's a lot of details, but it doesn't seem like they're complementing each other well. everything stands out individually rather than it all coming together to form one cohesive bag, kwim? then again, i've never been a big fan of burberry bags. the only design that caught my eye was the knight bag. that bag was rock'n'roll.
  5. Hi,
    Below is the only image of the burberry manor in beige I could find as it's sold out on both burberry UK and US websites so no images to show you of the chocolate version or the putty beige in patent. The patent is a shinier version of this one but with silver hardware instead of gold.

    and here's a pic of victoria beckham with the manor but I can't tell whether it's the black version or the chocolate cos in the boutique you could hardly tell the difference. The chocolate is like a very dark cocoa bean, almost black, colour. In the first photo, it looks like she's carrying the chocolate

    So Manor or Alyona?
  6. Tadpolenyc,
    I get what you mean about not being a huge fan of burberry, but this was the one bag that really made me think twice. The Knight bag is lovely until Zara made a very close copy, almost identical from a distance, in beige and black, and that, along with the price tag, put me off!!
  7. Sorry, I know this is a MJ forum and I am on the outside, but the Manor would be on my arm. The other bag is pretty also, so you won't go wrong. Can you get the Manor now and the other later?
  8. You know, the more I look at it, the more I am thinking of going for the manor. I have always loved the quality and feel of MJ bag and was hoping to have the alyona as a second addition to the MJ family, but I can't ignore this bag, the manor is totally different. Not sure whether the alyona is going to be around at that sale price for long though, so if I get a bag it is going to be one or the other. I was hoping to get an LV Trevi GM, in the future, but that is another story
  9. So if I were going to go for it though, should I go for it in chocolate, or in beige? I know this is meant to be an MJ forum but your advice will be truly appreciated:shame:
  10. They are both very pretty... but dark chocolate is a weakness for me... but the lighter one would go well for the spring/summer... oh I can't wait to see what you get! Tell me where you post!
  11. I was sooooo tempted recently by the beige Manor.

    But I have to be good for a while so I'll live vicariously through you, if that's the decision you ultimately make. ;)
  12. Oh god, well I guess I'll have to decide when I get to the store tomorrow!! Either ways I'll have to hide the bag from my hubby, he'd never live it down :s
  13. I love MJ bags, but the manor is beautiful. It's unique, I think I would choose that one. What's the sale price?