Marc Jacobs Adina

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  1. I just got the Adina I ordered from Saks at their sale price ($840 vs. $1400). I'm not so thrilled. The bag is pretty heavy with nothing in it and the strap is very short. It really stays right in your armpit and its a kinda big bag to have stuck there!

    I think its going back.

    [Am I being curmudgeonly? I'm sending this back...I'm rethinking the Stud Muffin....]
  2. Issmom -- Don't know if it helps any, but I did the same thing with the Adina I ordered. I was SO disappointed.
    Don't think of it as curmudgionly -- think of it as highly developed, discerning taste.
  3. If you don't like it, I dont see anything wrong with sending it back :biggrin: Get something else you truly love! I guess I wont be ordering one, I dont like the whole really large bag with short strap.
  4. Yeah, I saw the Adina on the eluxury mannequin. It's quite hefty.. o_0
  5. I saw it yesterday at Nordstroms, and thought the same thing. It looks pretty, but the hardware is heavy, and one of the ones on display sorta smushed in the middle, which is what it would do in an armpit...I decided it was better on the shelf than on my arm! You're not being curmudgeonly--you're just particular about your bags, and don't want to drop money on one that doesn't make you happy--nothing wrong with that!!:idea:
  6. too bad.. i thought the bag was a cute one too..
  7. The Stud Muffin:

    I think there are a lot of nicer bags out there but if you like it go for it.
  8. ^^ The Stud Muffin I preordered is the hobo.....
  9. Oh the Carina Stud Muffin is very nice. What color did you get it in?
  10. that's why i decided against ordering one, i thought really hard about it and finally remembered seeing what must have been an adina at saks (i didn't recognize it as an adina when i saw it because it looked so different than the pictures i had seen), so i stopped myself. kinda thick with a short strap, like you said.
  11. The Stud Muffin I have coming to me is in cream. I won't cancel the order. I'll go see it and maybe even take it home with me to 'try' it before the return period is over.

    BTW, the Adina was packed up yesterday and sent out today. Buh-bye!
  12. LOL! That's a nice feeling, isn't it?

    I keep looking at the Carina Stud Muffin, but I have been eyeing it in the brown that is on I'm wishy washy about it, but something keeps drawing me back. I think what I am not sure of is the eyelet scalloped parts....:weird:

    Anyone have any comments on this style/color of bag? Are all "Carina" bags from IF the same size?
  13. ^^I think Carina is a basic shape. The Quilty Pleasures is actually the Quilted Pleasures Carina Hobo.
  14. It´s gooooogeous!