marc jacobs: a decade later

  1. I'm not sure how avidly some of your search the website, but a little while back, they had a rather detailed timeline of the history of the house. It stated that Marc Jacobs joined the house in 1997.

    So the year is 2007. Some might argue that 10 years at a house isn't exactly a big deal. Galliano has been at Dior for 10 years. Ghesquiere has been at Balenciaga for 10 years. Even Tom Ford was at Gucci for 10 years.

    I think, however, that 10 years is enough time to really make a difference, or even completely turn things around, as we have seen at Balenciaga and Gucci. Both brands 'died' in the 80s, with the Balenciaga label even showing up on golf shirts in bargain bins. But both men had strong creative vision, and rebuilt from the ashes two respectable, coveted brands.

    Louis Vuitton isn't a house that needed rebuilding per se; instead, I think that prior to Marc Jacobs' arrival, the house had always been stable, but slightly under the radar. Marc made the brand accessible; everybody and their mother now wants a Vuitton bag, and with the introduction of the Sprouse Graffiti collection in 2001, the house truly embraced nonconformity.

    I guess the questions that I leave everyone to think about and comment on are as follows:

    - how would you sum up Marc's contribution to the house?
    - what direction do you see the house taking in the future?
    - for how long would you predict Marc Jacobs will stay with the house: decades, like Lagerfeld at Chanel, or a blip on the radar, like Elbaz at YSL?
    - who could you see replacing Marc Jacobs at the helm?

  2. - how would you sum up Marc's contribution to the house?

    I think marc has taken LV from classic quality trunks and bags to the one of the most most important factor in fashion overall today. Without him they could've never obtained that position. LV is now a fashion design house, not just bags and trunks. MJ brought LV to the front of trendsetting.

    - what direction do you see the house taking in the future?
    I don't really know. I feel like they should continue to co-operate with different artists like they did with murakami. I hope they will never loose the "cute and chic" appeal, it's what makes this house unique.

    - for how long would you predict Marc Jacobs will stay with the house: decades, like Lagerfeld at Chanel, or a blip on the radar, like Elbaz at YSL?

    I have no clue. I may want to focus more on his own range of fashion articles (allthough I feel a lot of what he did/does for LV is better O.o). I don't know when his contract expires. As of right now I do hope he'll last longer. If not as the main designer himself, at least as the creative director. He has good taste.

    - who could you see replacing Marc Jacobs at the helm?
    No clue. As long as the person is fun, playful and not a "blackminded" minimalist I don't care. A galliano type might've been a bit messy, but someone like alexander mcqueen (duh, like that'll ever happen =P) Or stella McCartney...?
  3. Bernard Arnault (The owner of the company) says himself that before Marc Jacobs, LV was seen as too classic and even old-fashioned brand. The sales were drastically decreasing......Marc Jacobs is a visonnaire, -so is B.Arnault-he made LV trendy, and assured its worldwide success. And most importantly without losing focus on the core image of the brand and its timeless classics
  4. good to know. I never really saw the house as being staid pre-marc jacobs, but I suppose that was the general view of all fashion houses in the 80s.
  5. To be quite honest, I hope MJ and LV part ways. And the sooner the better. Judging by the garbage that has come out in the last couple of seasons, I'd say MJ has ran out of ideas. Or should I say, good ideas. I am not a fan of the brand being "trendy". I much rather it stayed "classic". JMHO.

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  7. Ooops....I laugh so hard that I forget to mention this- I AGREE.
  8. I think MJ will stick around for awhile. He helps LV expand by bringing in younger clients with his fun designs especially his collaboration with Murakami. I can see someone like Derek Lam and other up-coming designers like Thakoon replacing MJ.
  9. I agree, when teamed with others, Sprouse and Murakami, I think I liked the direction....tweaks and fun limited lines, still based on the classics. But the last collections, for the most part, not for me at all....the only one I like was the miroir (and that too was based on someone elses design, not MJ.)

    There is not one thing I like is the S/S line, that strong creative force...and I assume MJ's designs....but plenty I like, more along the classics....

    so yeah, I think it's time for him to go!
  10. I agree the LV image seems to be loosing ground with all these drastic changes from season to season. Don't get me wrong. I like to see people's face light up when there's something really gorgeous from LV. There's nothing wrong with classics though. Why else would ppl have large collections of beautiful bags? If not for diversity in brands that create different styles.

  11. Yup I agree..if the design is solely from him's absolutely rubbish..the only time that the bags looks nice when he collaborated with others. I guess he's loosing visions..I don't like my LV looks like Marc Jacobs bag..
  12. How much of the line is he responsible for? Is all the crazy high-end runway stuff attributable to him, but some other designer in the company coming up with ideas like Azur, or the vernis colors, or the small accessories? I don't think he is doing it all, though he's probably giving his approval, of course.

    I like a lot of the newer stuff in the more accessible collections. But in the super-limited pieces, no. Do not like.
  13. Yes I agree that Marc Jacobs needs to see his way out the door. In fact, I don't know how much talent he had in the first place. Since his arrival, I think the only successes he has had is through collaborations with other artists and designers, so we can't hardly give him all the credit. Not to mention, we have seen SO much conflict of interest between his own line and LV. He is a one-trick pony and the garbage that's been coming out lately reminds me of the emperor's new clothing. I'm just recalling that canvas burlap sack tote with the dead speedy hanging out the side. No amount of dollar signs can convince me (and the general public) that these new LV bags are on par with what the other houses produce. I know that there might be a few of us who actually like things from this season, but if you saw the exact design at the mall as a no-name brand would you still think it looks good? There's a difference between pushing fashion borders and just shooting ideas into the dark and riding on reputation. Can you imagine Marc Jacobs Elmer's gluing all those buttons all over that one bag?? So much of the stuff looks like it came out of kindergarten craft time!
    If this is allowed to continue, I will have to start finding a new brand. I agree with LV addict, we want LV to stay classic, NOT trendy/trashy!!
  14. LV's about classic-ness-ism (whatever)...

    MJ needs to stay away!
  15. Agree with you 100%
    I think LV needs more creative talent jumping in for limited lines.

    I am also sick of him using the same ideas for both LV and Marc Jacobs lines. I consider him an amazing designer, but if he can't allow both brands to seperate themselves then he needs to work at only one. :sweatdrop: