Marc jacobe for first time

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  1. Hello, I need your opinion I had purchased classic fran hobo bag from the offecial site of marc jacobe in the previous warehous sale . That is my first time to buy marc jacob bags and I became shocked when i recieve the bag . No papers folded around her or any papers covered the metal parts on it . Just the bag with its tag and dust bag . No any further packages . Actully , what make me shocked that was I had buy another desinger bag from retailer like bloomingdalas and i had recieved with all proper packaging , specially all metal parts are covered . Is that normal ? Iam asking because Iam out side USA and I had purchased the bag that recieved first to shipping company before ship to me . No bad concern but just to think why that happen with marc jacob may be itis normal too . Sorry , if i was talktive too much to focuse on my concern
  2. Hi there. I have never purchased from the warehouse sale but am surprised that the bag was not packaged better. Was it damaged? I've been disappointed by how bags are packaged from almost every store. A recent Coach bag I bought from Saks (and will be returning) was packaged so poorly that the flap on the bag was folded and caused a big crease :sad:
  3. Hello, thank you for replay . I do not know if itis damages or it was the one in showroom . But what is your advice ?! I can not return because Ihad cost for international shipping . I will never trust about designer !
  4. Have you tried emailing customer service? Maybe they will pay for return shipping or reimburse your original shipping? I'd take pics of what is wrong with it or why you're unhappy and let them know. I don't know if they will do anything but it doesn't hurt to ask :smile:
  5. This is the photo recieved from my shipping company about the stuff ( show no any wrap papers around metals or any packages like it must be new)

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