Marc Jacob wristlets?

  1. Are they worth it? How much do they coast? I am thinking about getting one.
  2. Are you talking about Marc by MJ? I don't think the MJ collection has any wristlets... a pic would help if you have one.
  3. Oh yea thithi your right. I am trying too find the pic- I believe it is quilited and is retailed at 90 dollars. I saw it at Neimans but thought maybe it wouldnt be worth it.
  4. Are you referring to the Marc by MJ quilted velvet coin purse wristlets? I have seen a few on ebay from time to time in apple red and a navy blue color.
  5. Yes ^ That wristlet.
  6. MbyMJ quilted velvet coin purse is very cute!
  7. oh i wish i had known there were mbymj ones! i just bought a coach one.
  8. They dont seem to sell it in Neiman anymore. Where should I consider buying it?
  9. ^ These wristlets pop up on ebay every now and then, I'm not sure if there are faked versions of these or not. These quilted velvet ones are sooooo cute, I like them much more than MbyMJ's recent wristlets.
  10. there are a few of the quilted velvet ones on ebay and some of the leather ones. i've had two of them, and the quality is really nice. they're great for going out to a concert or the movies or something when all you need is lipgloss, your cell and a credit card. :flower:
  11. Does anyone know if I would be able to get this on sale elsewhere? TIA! :smile:

  12. ^ That's WRISTLET POUCHETTE ($475USD) from Resort 2006 Marc Jacobs Collections. It's probably too 'recent' for sales.
  13. Thanks, bag.lover! :smile:
  14. i just got this as a gift from my mom. it's a great size and so gorgeous. i absolutely adore it.

  15. ^^That is beautiful LEF!! What a nice gift!:yes: