marc jacob washed denim

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  1. I kinda likey! marc jacobs washed denim.jpg
  2. i do too!
  3. I think it might be the color combo and the contrast stitching but it reminds me of a very modified baby bag.

    cute none-the-less though!
  4. it could work for a spring bag...
  5. I don't really like it.. but maybe it'll grow on me like the Louis Vuitton denim. ;)
  6. I saw the quilted denim hobo over at Nordstrom's the other day...actually kinda cute! It feels like the denim they use is pretty substantial.
  7. Really?! It did remind me of LV @ first but this looks more quilted and fluffier than LV denim. Plus the light tone makes it look playful. Like Fayden said- good for Spring.
  8. i like it much better than the darker version (although he's doing a great big hobo for spring that i actually like quite a bit in the dark version)

    gotta say, i'm kinda ashamed to admit i like either, though.
  9. WHY?!:P
  10. I like that!
  11. I'm not too crazy about the denim. I like this bag in leather much better.
  12. lol they're just not that cute...but i like them anyway...shame!
  13. I'm sorry...I hate it! I saw it in person, and couldn't understand why. Even my boyfriend commented on it.
  14. I like the dark hobo as well, I have a thing against light denim though.
  15. I like the denim bags but what do you wear them with? Can you wear them w/jeans or is it too much denim?