Marc Jacob Stam

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  1. What are your guy's opinion on the stam? Does anyone have it and how do they like it?
  2. I think Greenie has a couple of them. Hopefully she'll see this and chime in.
  3. I must be the only one who doesn't like this bag! It looks like an imitation Chanel to me. But everyone esle seems to love it!
  4. Love them!!!! I have a taupe, icy leather, brass hardware and a black nappa leather, shiny hardware. Absolutely love them!!!

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  5. That taupe shade is soooo pretty!

  6. I love this bag! I'm seriously fighting off the urge for an ivory. But the new ivory has a blue suede Can you stand it?!?! Argghghhhg...It's ridiculous, really!!!
  7. I use to love it, but I guess it is fading for me. It is a beautiful bag though.
  8. I love these bags! I just got the putty with the blue suede interior. The ivory actually has a light camel suede interior. The putty is a great neutral--it looks spectacular with just about everything. Problem is, I also have a black stam on order and I'm not sure I will be able to afford to keep both. Which should I keep? Black will probably fit my lifestyle better as I tend to be pretty hard on my bags, but I'm in love with the putty too. Any thoughts?
  9. They both look beautiful to me!
  10. Greenie, what colors of clothes go with taupe? I like the color but not sure what to wear it with. I am considering the dark blue if I can find it but otherwise I am torn between the taupe, ivory, or the black. What do you suggest? Or anyone suggest?

    Is it heavy to carry at all?
  11. Valerib. you have to keep both! The black is stunning! You won't want to give it up. It looks so chic in black with the shiny hardware. You are going to have to keep both. But if I had to give one up, and it would be tough, I'd give up the putty and keep black.

    Munchkyn. The taupe is great w/blacks, reds, and I have a pair of taupe slacks w/a teal cashmere sweater (taupe heels) that I wear it with. Also, winter whites. The icy taupe is more of a f/w bag.

    If torn between taupe, ivory, or black, I would get the black simply because it would go with everything.

    I think they might be coming out with a blue for s/s. Their also coming out with a brown called cola that sounds interesting. You might call him, Rob at the Boston store and ask him. He's been very helpful.
  12. I usually don't go for Marc Jacob's bags but these really caught my eye. I think they look beautiful.
  13. I think taupe goes with everything. It's the ultimate neutral. I have a pair of taupe pants for work that get more wear than anything else in my closet.

    Also, who has Stams available right now? I haven't seen any online anywhere.
  14. No where on line...They're waitlisted everywhere. MJ only released two colors so far for ss/06--putty and ivory. I got calls from the MJ Boutique but just for those two colors. The other colors are coming out in dribs and drabs.

    The black I got from Barney's was resort 06. The black still has wine red suede interior (which I really love). The black for ss 06 has a beige suede interior.

    Pseub, you are so right about the taupe. I get more use out of taupe shoes. It really is a versatile color.
  15. These were so hot and hard to get.. and you're hiding two away in your collection ! I love it ! :lol: