Marc Jacob Round Toe Wedge High Boot

  1. What do you gals think about these boots? $580 @

    I`m finding it really hard to justify spending this much for shoes but I really love them and I think they'll go with a lot of oufits. Someone talk me in/out of it! :s
  2. I have a pair that look identical from Aldo... hahaha so I didn't pay alot for them... but if you love those particular ones, then go for it!
  3. I think they're totally hot (and less than half the price of Louboutin platform wedge boots). I say go for it!
  4. Personally I think you can get that style from any Tom, Dick, or Harry. If that price tag is deterring you in the least bit, you need to look at Tom, Dick, or Harry's shoe.
  5. Oh believe me, I have been looking :crybaby:But all the other boots that are somewhat similar just don't look as good as the MJ ones- IMO. Do you have suggestions as to what brands to look at? I've tried Steven Madden, Aldo (can't seem to find the one danica bought) and searched online for boots at the major department stores like Nord's, Macy's + Sak's.
  6. :amazed: wow. I just looked them up and they're practically a "bag!" in terms of price :roflmfao: But very chic :love:
  7. they're very cute and, as you said, go with a lot of outfits!
  8. I think they're fab!!!!:yes:

    If you really have your heart set on them, then go for it - you'll kick yourself if they sell out and you then don't find another pair that quite 'pops' it for you.:flowers: