Marc Jacob Mina $554.90 & Blake $474.50

  1. The Mina is in Green --

    and the Blake is in Honey..

    If interested call Ly from Nordstrom at 206-246-0400 and ask for the handbags department. Its on hold for me, so you have to ask her to release the hold.
    Friday she'll be there till 9pm PST
    and Saturday 12pm - 9pm PST

    Hope someone gets it!
  3. I have been looking for a MJ Mina! That is a fantastic price! Thank you much!

    PS: The Blake is still there for those who are interested!
  4. Your welcome! The bag she has is brand new! the hardware is still wrapped in plastic & I double cked the authenticity too & its real! hee hee Hope you love it!!! I would have gotten it but I got me 3 MJ last month so I had to stop.
  5. Does anyone know how much is shipping? Thanks!
  6. 3.95 shipping!
  7. S&H could be waived. Just ask them. I told Ly to waive it if my freinds call in so she should do it, otherwise I think its 3.95. or 8.95
  8. That is a super great deal on the Blake! Someone get it quick!
  9. wow - great deal!
  10. I am very interested in the blake. could you tell me the sales lady's name ? I will call her tomorrow
  11. Wow.. thats a fabulous deal!!!! Congrats to all who grab those great bags.
  12. Wow - what a great deal on a Blake!
  13. Her name is Ly (pronounced 'LEE'), but if I'm correct, both bags were sold:sad:

    after I posted this, my friend called me back saying she wanted then Ly had stated the bags have new owners already.

    so congrats to those who got it!:tup:
  14. Beautiful color Blake, congrats to whoever got it!
  15. I've never heard of a MJ bag in "honey", it sounds pretty. Does anyone know what this color looks like, or have a pic?