Marc Jacob Mice in Action

  1. I finally got myself a mouse flat in Blush color inspired by another TPFer. I thought it would be fun to have a thread where people can show their mice flats/sandals/jellies in action.

    I will start with a few.

    Mice on the grass
    Mice on dark stairs
    Mice at work!
    Libertyville-20120613-00090.jpg Libertyville-20120613-00091.jpg Libertyville-20120613-00093.jpg
  2. :lol: I love the last pic!
  3. so cute! love the pics...i don't have any mouse flats (as of right now). that might change in the future since they are just TOO cute. heehee...
  4. I just picked up the grey studded flats as well! still debating on keeping them.... not sure if i'll wear them enough to justify keeping them.
  5. I have been using them everywhere. I think its because the one I have dont have the whiskers :smile: and the studs just look like decorations.
  6. adorable! i may have to get some. i love flats and these are just fun. love your pics.
  7. Cute!
  8. So cute!!! I love the mice at work as well!
  9. these are really adorable! cute thread!! other girls should post in here too with their meeces
  10. So cute!! Love them!!
  11. Oohhhh these are so cute..I love the color..