Marc jacob bags same as lv stlye

  1. :sad:Sorry if this has already been asked. I was in NM and was looking at the MJ bags and his venita (sp) bag is exactly the same as the manhattan GM, is this strange he makes the same bag for his collection as he does for LV ? what do you think?
  2. his was first
  3. oh ok thankyou, sorry if this was a dumb question? i was just surprised it was the same bag.
  4. Ya they are bolth lovely bags.
  5. they are remarkably similar.
    sometimes people wonder if he has run out of ideas.....
  6. Love them both!
  7. They look similar, but I think they target different people. LV for the luxury/adult look, and MJ for the vintage/youth look
  8. I read an article recently, and LV owns something like 80% of the MJ brand.