marc jacbos multipocket in gold does anyone have one?

  1. the photo looks really bright.


    does anyone have this color? if so could you describe it IRL? is the color bright or subdued?

    thanks for your help in advance!
  2. I've actually seen one IRL Fayden, and it's not too bright. Gorgeous bag if you're looking for a metallic one.
  3. my neighbor has one and it is a very subdued color. Not as bright as that pic if I recall
  4. Here's the sales info...comes with a cosmetics bag too!

    Marc Jacobs CollectionMetallic Multi Pocket Handbag - Includes Gift with Purchase$895.00 SALE PRICE: $625.00
    A multi-tasker's dream, this super-chic bag mixes form and function with flawless finesse--all pulled off with Marc's trademark wit and wisdom. Beautifully crafted from grainy metallic calfskin with contrast stitching and finished with supple suede lining.
    • Receive a Soft Calf Cosmetics Pouch in metallic leather with purchase, while supplies last (Please note: If you choose to return the handbag, you may keep the Cosmetics Pouch for the retail price of $150, plus any applicable taxes).
  5. thanks for everyone's responses i saw it on sale on elux and wondering if i could pull it off.... i love silver but not sure if i can wear gold.
  6. anyone know where I can find the multipocket in silver? on sale....???
  7. I have the silver and I love it. The gold is gorgeous as well I keep thinking of getting that colour as too but I like the new denim blue that is out right now. Hot damn I love MJ bags.:P
  8. I just got the large bowler bag in the gold/they call it Bronze. It is rich not loud. Its gorgeous in real life to say the very least.
  9. bump!

    does anyone have the this gold mp? how's it holding up? does the colour wear off easily? and if so does it look patchy/streaky/ruin the look of the bag? and does the leather get scuffed easily too?

    TIA! :smile: