Marc J Large Multi Pocket

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  1. HI! I have been searching high and low for the perfect bag in Grey ...I found a preowned in great condition Grey Multi pocket with gold hardware which is perfect because years ago when I was in college it was the first bag i fell in love with......while I wait for it to come does anyone have any pics of they wear their multipocket? ...any pics or tidbits appreciated....Im so excited :yahoo:
  2. congrats! i love the MP. i'm sure some other members can show some pics
  3. Oh the golld ol' days!!! I had the Devil Wears Prada large MP but I sold it.....every time I look at these pics I DROOL

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  4. Emmy you sold it? Boo hoo!!!
  5. the MP is one of the most classic mj bags everrrr (in my opinion). can't wait to see yours!!!

    i loved mine but sold it because i loaded it up too much and the rolled strap dug into my shoulder :sad: but i will always love the MP!
  6. Yay! thanks guys .....I have deff loved the MP forever but I was getting worried that maybe it was goign to be outdated...Im still excited...and now Im probably going to treat myself to a Large black Single :smile: i would love a chanel flap but I am deff a MJ girl at heart....Ill try to post pics of my small collection soon!
  7. It's a stunning bag, I'm happy you were able to snag one!
  8. outdated? never! i don't use my large mp as much as i used to only because i prefer satchels to shoulder bags now, but i still have three in my collection and i have a hard time letting any of them go. it's such a casual, effortlessly cool, yet polished style. can't wait to see your reveal!
  9. I love that bag, can't wait for the reveal!!