marc is powerful


Sep 9, 2006
mj was named third in the fashion's 50 most powerful list complied by the daily news. anna wintour is, of course, number 1. yay for marc! :dothewave:

Fashion's 50 most powerful: No. 3

Published: 08/26/2008 19:27:16
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MARC JACOBS, designer. Soon, no doubt, Bleecker will be renamed Marc Jacobs St., thanks to his boutiques there. He makes headlines for his private life (did he really just marry his boyfriend in France?) but his killer designs, for his own label and Louis Vuitton, cement his status.


miss my frank <3
Mar 8, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
^ I LOVE him...he is the coolest boy EVER!! I was in the boutique last weekend and they had a pic of him and his CEO at a company costume party and he was dressed up as a cameltoe (holding a sign that said cameltoe with a circle around it and line through it)!! and the CEO was dressed as a camel is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life! He is just so bad a**!! thanks for the info!!