Marc Has A Big One For You !

  1. MBMJ is giving us gals a big one this fall :lol: .
    Don't get me wrong,I'm not against a big one but this borders on
    huge :roflmfao:.He must have created this for all the young shoplifting
    divas :upsidedown: ,you could hide quite a bit of loot in this biga$$ bag.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs -Slouchy Patent Large Surely Shopper
    Price: $478.00
  2. Looks sorta like the new Chanel bag.
  3. :shrugs: OMG I would fit in that bag! I like big bags...but.....that's a killer! By the end of the day I'd need a dolly to lug that thing around..I'd just keep throwing s**t in there!
  4. is the leather (not patent one) as big as that one??

    it wouldn't be that bad if the sides didn't pooch out like that.
  5. Ahahha.. I thought he was just "happy to see me". :graucho:

    Anyways, yes - good bag for shoplifting, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be needing that anytime soon. It's massive !!
  6. Too big for me.
  7. I agree with elongreach. It does look like the new Chanel bag, but I think the Chanel bag looks way better. This is just a little too much for me. I would like to get a super roomy handbag like the YSL muse but definitely not this one.

  8. According to Eluxury....the leather one is a more normal-sized bag.

    I'm not finding the patent one online, though.
  9. Wow...that's huge! :nuts:
  10. :shrugs: i don't see the regular leather version on elux...
  11. It was an odd because I found it in a roundabout way.

    I checked a few sites for the other luck. Googled and got a link to the leather one on ELux. But I hadn't seen it when I went directly to ELux. :shrugs:
  12. was it this one by any chance?

    eLUXURY - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Surely Shopper Marc by Marc Jacobs

    this one's also called the "surely shopper" but it's not the same big version.
  13. you could fit me in that Shopbop marc by marc bag.