Marc Collection versus Marc by Marc

  1. I was wondering about the difference in Marc collection versus Marc by Marc in terms of things like:
    The inside of the zip clutch
    The leather
    Or anything else related to why I would choose between the two. I have not seen any mbm irl so I don't know how to compare. thanks maggie
  2. wow..ok read the the quality IS the same just the design is different? Boy have I been shopping way too limited.
    Are the two zip clutches the same size and style on the inside as well?? thanks mm
  3. No the MbyMJ zip clutch is smaller. Here is a comparison pic of the interior of one of my MJ zip clutched and a pic of a MbyMJ zip clutch from eluxury.

    The MbyMJ clutch has interior zipped coin pocket, an open compartment, 8 credit card slots, and a billfold. Plus it has a cotton lining.

    The MJ zip clutch ha 6 credit card slots, 2 large pockets, and 2 open compartments. Plus outside it has a zipper compartment and two flap pockets.

    My Ursula Clutch

    My Black Zip Clutch


    MbyMJ zip clutch

  4. They are totally different to me in many ways: Style, targeted buyer, price point, etc. I strongly disagree that the quality is the same between Collection and Marc.
  5. personally i feel the marc collection is like couture marc & marc by marc is day or main stream style....

    having both - collections i feel is better, better style, quality & workmanship but thats just me...
  6. ^^I agree. The M by M is still great quality, but the leather on my collection bag is a lot different, which makes sense because of the higher price point.
  7. I don't own any MBMJ but I have seen them in stores. I prefer the designs and the leather more on the MJ collection which I own.
  8. Hmm... I think I agree that I prefer the MJ Collection pieces in terms of design and quality. I think definitely the Marc by Marc pieces have really great workmanship too, but IMO the Collection pieces are just better. Which makes sense cuz they cost so much more! :sweatdrop:

    BUT I :heart: Marc by Marc stuff too (their clothes especially!), since they're so fun and quirky, and so much more affordable!
  9. Great input..I love some of the designs and colors of the mbm bags and after spending so much on collection, suddenly felt kind of stupid for spending so much. I have never seen mbm in person so all I was going on was the photos and they look really good, especially some of the spring yellows. maggie
  10. I think MbyMJ is cute, but I prefer collection. I just think it's more of a classic look. There are a lot of studs and stuff on MbyMJ's stuff. I'll look somewhere else if I wanted studs.
  11. ^^I agree! The MbMJ stuff is fun and trendy, but I definitely prefer the collection. The workmanship is outstanding!
  12. i just want some damn ipod and cell phone pockets in the MJ bags, why is that so hard?!?!
  13. I prefer Marc by Marc for everything but the bags.
  14. I think this is a little off topic but here's my two cents:

    I like Marc by Marc Jacobs strictly for the clothing and some of the shoes. I think that the subgroup makes much nicer clothing than Marc Jacobs Collection (not to mention, WAY MORE AFFORDABLE!).

    I like Marc Jacobs Collection for the handbags and some of the shoes. I've been forturnate enough not to have spent full price on any of the MJ items that I own :wlae: but I still feel as though in terms of handbags and shoes, the quality of the collection line is just superior to the subgroup. As for the clothing, overall, I usually don't like it. Most of it isn't practical for me, in terms of daily wear. Not to mention, I couldn't AFFORD it unless I were minted.