marc cancels fall 09 show after party

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  1. first, the holiday party then the west village boutique reshuffling, and now this. i hope the company is doing alright and they're just taking necessary precautions against projected slumping retail sales for the year.

    Marc Cancels After Party

    Jan 15, 2009 @ 10:49am

    Hey guys,
    I know you’re in the market for some uplifting, the-world-is-gonna-be-ok fashion news, but this is all I’ve got for you:
    Marc Jacobs just officially canceled his show’s after party. Hope you had a lot of fun at the Sprouse launch.

  2. that sucks! but hopefully MJ is allright..
  3. Oh no! But hopefully, they're simply being cautious and are not in some serious financial trouble.
  4. i hope the company is okay, but it could be a precautionary measure or done out of 'respect' for the terrible economy?
  5. I hope that's the case. It's been rough. :sad:
  6. I hope so. That's why our big holiday party was canceled this year. Several of our corporate clients said they were canceling their more public holiday parties for PR reasons as well.
  7. Oh gosh =/ Things just keep getting "realer and realer" if you know what I mean...
  8. he smokes marlboro lights too. him and i both need to quit smoking!