Marc by MJ Watches

  1. Not sure if this should be filed under MJ or the jewelry section so pls move it if it's in the wrong place! Thank u!

    Anyway! I saw these watches in Nylon (the one w Ashley Olsen on the cover) and I just had to have them. I don't like to wear watches so these are just perfect. Unfortunately they probably wont sell these in Singapore where I am but....i managed to find them online at Nordstorms... :yahoo:

    I got the red star and the green apple...:tender: cant wait to see them in real life! Oh, and they are only US$125. The bracelet version is $200 and just GORGEOUS but knowing the klutz that I am, I'll definitely keep bumping it into things and spoil it in no time. Not sure how much bow one costs.

    I think vogue has a write up on them too.
    022706_50.jpg _5231224.jpg _5231248.jpg _5231253.jpg _5231258.jpg _5234350.jpg
  2. i'm pretty sure that they were featured in the july teen vogue.

    i'm dying for the pear and apple ones. and thanks, i didn't know Nordstrom had them online.
  3. I adore the bow one!!! The pear is too cute too. If anyone spots them somewhere that ships to Finland, please let me know.
  4. Very cute, I like the apple & pear the most. Please let us know how they are when you get them. Thanks for letting us know that Nordstrom online has them. =)
  5. I love them all!!!:heart:
    I did a search about them a few days ago and I also found them on the Nordstrom site. But it said that they don't ship internationally:sad:
    How did you ordered yours hazelsarah?
  6. And of course, don't forget to post pics when they arrive!!!
  7. I'll definitely post pics when I get them! :flowers:

    Miss-lily, my local post office set up a freight forwarding system so that I can order from international websites. I put in my local billing address but I can send it to a USA address. From there, my post office will forward the items to me in Singapore. It's not very cheap but it's useful for sure!

    There are actually many freight forwarding companies out there but I'm not sure which are the better ones.

  8. Cute! Please post pics when you get them!
  9. Thanks!!:flowers:
    I'd never heard of freight fowarding companies..
  10. Wow, those are super cute. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see a picture of yours!
  11. Shame that nap doesn´t have them :sad: My bf promised to order atleast one for my
  12. i can't find the bow one on nordstroms site.

    btw i thinkl if u call Nordstrom u can place an international order (well thats what i've heard)
  13. i have the pear on right now!!! i LOVE it