Marc by MJ - Viva La Val Line

  1. Have you guys seen these in real life??? Because they look absolutely delicious online!


  2. they are gorgeous IRL! but HUGE! the zip satchel (first pick) is really cute--it has 3 compartments like the blake (my fave mj!) but it's really big. 15'' wide. i want the viva la val slim, i heard it's around 12''. definitely my fave mbymj bag this season.
  3. What about the 2nd bag? Does it look good as good as the bowler IRL?
  4. heatfelt - where did you see them at? the mj store? or a dpt store? ugh, i really need to go shopping because I'm missing out on all these nice bags!

    picolo - I love the viva la val line!
  5. I saw them at Bloomingdales in Soho a week ago, they are amazing. The leather is phenom. I'm in love!
  6. I saw them at Barneys during the weekend and the leather is so yummy! :p
  7. someone buy one already so i can see your pics and then buy one myself
  8. I tried them both on at Bloomindales in Willow Grove, PA. Heartfelt is exactly right -- the Satchel reminds me of my Blake. It is big, but felt really comfy over my shoulder. It would be the perfect bag for work or travel.

    The second bag (North/South) easily fit over my shoulder, but it seems like one of those bags that you would have to hold in place or it'd fall off. (If you know what I mean.)

    The leather is really high quality for the price. Sort of aged and almost waxy, really unique looking. These bags also come in an olive green color that is absolutely beautiful.

    Overall, I loved these bags! (Sadly, am genetically unable to pay full price. Am waiting for a coupon!)