Marc by MJ Turnlock in GREY'S ANATOMY!

  1. Who else noticed the Marc by MJ Turnlock bag in tonight's (Oct.4th) episode of Grey's?!! :yahoo:
  2. Hmm what kind was it? Teri? I didnt see the show but would love to know what MBMJ bag was seen on there
  3. I saw it! It was so fast, Dr. Torres was walking away so I wasn't positive. I didn't want to rewind as my hubby was watching... that would be too obsessive! LOL...
  4. I did I loved it!!:yes:
  5. Totally fun! I LOVE seeing the bags on tv!
  6. YAY! I'm glad I'm not the only one whose first thought was "is that a turnlock?!!"

    GUNG -- it looked like a blue hobo but I'm not too positive. I'll post a screenshot of it later if the episode is online.

    thithi -- haha, i wouldve wanted to do the same!

    muggles and yesther -- haha, it was totally awesome! i love identifying fashion on tv shows!

    glad I had you ladies to share with. my cousin wouldve thought I was nuts!!
  7. i saw that too!

    oh and if you guys have seen the movie - Broken English, the lead girl was also wearing a beige turnlock teri.
  8. Ooh!!! I want to see!!
  9. Small screen cap from broken english where you can see Parker Posey with a turnlock teri:

    The director of that film is Zoe Cassavetes (famous director's daughter, Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs good friend, after whom the Zoe might be named?). So it makes sense that she'd use a lot of the designer's stuff in her first feature length film.
  10. It was a turnlock Faridah. I remember watching and telling my BF she was carrying a black MJ bag. ;)
  11. Oh cool.
  12. Parker Posey rocks! The fact that she is wearing an MBMJ elevates her to goddess in my book!!
  13. Too obsessive? Really? I missed the memo on that one. :p

    Last night, I made BF say goodnight to my Hudson, and tell her she's pretty because she's been in the closet since February. :sweatdrop:
  14. :roflmfao: I love it!
  15. I saw it, and I shouted at the TV! DH was like, it's just a bag... :nogood: He just doesn't get it...