Marc by MJ Turnlock Faridah Ever Go On Sale???

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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but I doubt that it would since the Turnlock series is pretty popular!
  2. I thought this bag was pretty new, I've seen it in a couple of boutiques the past week. Just FYI...
  3. I think I saw the bag in Bloomingdales, they are going to have 15% off sale. Not much, but still something.
  4. Another thread about the Bloomies sale said m by mj is excluded from the sale. :sad:
  5. i love the leather on the turnlock series!

  6. Yes, I was looking at this bag at Bloomies and a SA mentioned the sale.
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  8. It depends on the color, but yes, I do regularly see them on sale. You will be hard-pressed to find something like black on sale, but seasonal colors come up frequently.
  9. I got one on sale in Dec at Saks of Tysons VA. I think I paid around $117. It was a big sale season at that time. I love this bag, it's my everyday bag since I bought it.
  10. The totally turnlock Faridah is on sale at Shopbop for $313, the colours avaliable are Saffron and Bianco.
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