marc by mj totally turnlocks?

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  1. does anyone have an opinion of the turnlock totes yet? I just bought a black botkier bianca stachel because i needed a black purse but the leather is too delicate for everyday use :sad: now im looking for a more sturdy less expensive black everyday bag and the tina turnlock caught my eye. I havn't been able to find it in black but i found the turnlock "baby tote" in black on and it looks similar to the tina on the site. Its a good size and even though it is a "baby" tote it looks like it would be a good handbag for everyday use...

    has anyone seen this bag in person? does it totally look like a diaper bag? lol

    also i would appreciate any other recommendations for a black, leather, large everyday tote in the $400 - $500 range ;)

  2. i think the tina is pretty good..i got one on sale from Saks few weeks should look into it
  3. i think if you liked the bianca (as i's fabulous!), you'd probably like the style of the turnlock bowler best from the turnlock line. the leather is really soft (not quite as soft as bianca, but still very soft), but it's much more durable than the bianca. the tina is very cute, but it's extremely large. i'm 5'9" & felt like the bag looked ridiculous on me. but that's JMO.

    here are some pics for you of a few bags from the turnlock line:

    turnlock bowler:



    turnlock hobo:
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