Marc by MJ : Softy Max - Blue , Tea Leaf or Black ?

  1. Hello girls~

    Which colour is nicer? And would it rest too tight underneath shoulder?
  2. i onlysaw it in meringue. do you have links for the other colors?

    i don't think it was rest too tight under the shoulders though.
  3. greenmarcdoctorsbag.jpg
  4. depends on what colors you life. i love the tea leaf and blue because i love colored bags but the black would be a great work bag!

    I have one and it doesnt rest too tight under the shoulders. another plus is that it is very light!
  5. My friend has this bag in black and it's gorgeous. It's very lightweight and fits fine under her shoulder. And it's definitely very soft.
  6. Is softy Max looks like a school bag? Do you girls think that softy shopper (the longer version with 2 pockets and 1 big zipper at the front plus 2 extra zippers at the sides) looks better than softy max?
  7. ^ I dont think the max looks like a school bag at all, it's more casual but definitely no school bag.
  8. How about the shopper? Do you girls think it is too huge?
  9. Here is a photo of softy shopper in tea leaf.
  10. i prefer the max better than shopper.

    but i love those types of bags, so.. :biggrin:
  11. ^ me too.. tea leaf is a darling color!
  12. This is my first post, I'm usually just a lurker but considering I have this bag I thought I'd share my opinion.

    I have it in Carbon Blue and it's such a pretty color.
    The pictures you see online hardly do the color justice.
    As for it fitting under my shoulder it's fine, unless I have a big winter coat on..and then it's a little tight.