Marc by MJ softy clutch or turnlock clutch?

  1. Hi,
    I've actually never posted on this forum before, but I need to get a new wallet and I am considering either the softy clutch in gold or the totally turnlock flap clutch in black, but can't decide which. Any opinions would be great! Thanks!
    mj2.jpg mj.jpg
  2. I'm going to say the turnlock - or see both IRL 1st. I had a clutch by MBMJ that had pockets similar to the softy & they were a royal pain so I didn't use it. They also stuck out quite a bit.
  3. the turnlock looks nice, but i think the softy is much more functional. it fits more because it's expandable (i was able to fit my cell in that thing!) plus the little zip pocket in the front is great for change.
  4. I like the softy because it is similar to the MJZC which I have and is GREAT!!:heart:
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I think I'll probably go with the softy, but I'm going to take another day to think about it. Anyone else with an opinion??? Thank you!!
  6. I'd say the turnlock!! I've been considering to get this for myself too! goodluck with your decision. Either way you'll get a great wallet!
  7. I say the Turnlock! It looks very clean and classy.
  8. I would get the softy. It has a zippered top which I like since things won't fall out.
  9. Thanks for your help girls. I actually ended up getting neither, hahaha. Sorry! :shame: BUT I did order the MBMJ zip clutch in Mustard. I decided I wanted something a bit more colorful and I did like the idea of a clutch instead of a typical wallet. Hopefully it was a good choice....thanks again!:tup:
  10. I was going to suggest the softy clutch because I think the zip clutches are far more practical than the turnlock wallet series. I had the turnlock wallet in cordivan and returned it because it seemed like stuff might fall out of the sleeves when turned upsidedown to open it.

    Congrats on the zip clutch!