Marc by MJ Multi Zip Satchel = does it come in red?

  1. I really want a red M MJ bag really bad, a simple one, in bowler style, i would love to get the turn-lock, but apparently its sold out everywhere. :sad:

    I came across this chocolate one-
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Multi Zip Satchel - Satchels -

    is it really call mutlli zip satchel? does this come in red? thanks!!
  2. Unfortunately I don't think this style came in red--if memory serves I think it came in maybe three colors, the dark brown, a lighter brown and maybe white? Someone else might know better...
  3. Surlygrl, thanks for the link... I need something for work so it may be too "cutish".. i'm so mad, if i don't have the chocolate betty, I would so get this MJ one.
  4. faye, see the last page of the "post your mj bags" thread. i have the same pattern as the link above, but in a tote. i have people stop me on the street because they like it so much.
  5. I am not 100% sure, but I've seen Dark Brown, Tan, Green(Moss) and White in this style before.

    It is a good choice if you are using for work, this style is one of the "formal" looking purse you can get in MbyMJ line. I think this purse in white look nice too! ;)

    Tell us what you've decide ok?
  6. I agree, i also like the totally turnlock tina too!
  7. I have this bag in the moss green color. It did not come in red. It's beautiful -- much richer looking than the price. It holds a ton and is great for travel since the center compartment fits files, newspaper, water botle etc.

    I've gotten lots of compliments on it!
  8. You would probably enjoy the firebird totally turnlock bowler from fall '06 (the one in my avatar)...I had to watch eBay like a hawk in order to find it. If this is the one you want, keep an eye on eBay. You never know!