Marc by MJ made in china?

  1. Really?

    Can you Marc by MJ owners tell me what you have and where it was made?

  2. My MbMJ Shearling hobo last year and Turnlock Bowler this year both made in Indonesia
  3. Most of the M by MJ line is either made in China or other countries with cheaper labor cost. Hardly ever Made in Italy, unless it's the original Marc Jacobs line.
  4. hmm. interesting.

  5. Don't have any Marc by MJ bags, but I have lots of the shoes and the majority of them are made in China, especially the newer ones.
  6. I didn't double check mines but last time I checked, mine's were made in Indonesia and China. I'll give a specific count tonight when I go upstairs.

    While the bag is assembled in countries with cheaper labor cost, the material is still superior. I know a couple of my leather mbymj bags have the little tag that says something along the line of "we use the finest italian leather" blah blah.
  7. WOW-made in china?!?!
  8. totally turnlock bowler [leather] - indonesia
    totally turnlock teri [leather] - indonesia
    luxy leather marisa [leather] - indonesia
    washed leather tote [leather] - indonesia
    leather max tote [leather] - china

    striped denim satchel [canvas] - indonesia
    secret garden tote [canvas] - indonesia
    quilted velvet frame clutch [velvet] - indonesia

  9. the M by MJ shoe line is often made in Italy
  10. original patent leather mouse flats - china
    patent red leather flats w/ bow - china
  11. i think some of the older shoes were made in italy. i have a pair of mj shoes made in italy.

    for shoes and bags...either made in indonesia or china.

    but if you think about it..many brands are moving their labour to countries like china, india etc.

    Even Louis Vuitton has bags made in the U.S.A (not as cheap i know..but not all of em are made in France or Spain anymore!)
  12. Mine is made in Indonesia.
  13. My Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch was made in China.
  14. I come from China. Whenever I went back to China for a temporary stay, I had kind of embarrassed moments, since I was always requested by my friends in China to buy some gifts like handbags, clothes, shoes, etc and they expect goods in America are all made in developed counties. But ironically, I hardly can find anything that is not made in China and last time I finally purchased something made in Japan during my stay at the Tokyo airport.

    I personally owned some designer stuffs including many MBMJ clothes, shoes and handbags. Most of them are made in China. At the first time, I have the same doubts as others, but later I found the quality is no difference from others tagged "made in Italy."

    Nowadays, more designers do have their products manufactured in china because of the cheaper labor costs there. But "made in China" does not mean poor quality and fakeness. I think a lot of knock-off designer handbags made in China sold on some illegal websites and ebay are kind of responsible for people's impression and doubts on "made in China" tags. Actually, authentic designer handbags are manufactured in the authorized legal factory in China, where has workers as skilled and experienced as those in Italy. While their labor cost is a lot lower compared to the standard in America and other developed countries, the wage those Chinese workers earn is not bad as far as their life quality and living expense. However, those fake designer bags made in China are most likely made in illegal and unauthorized factory where recruits very young workers who lack professional experience and are usually under 18. You probably have read such articles in some fashion magazines like "Harper's Bazaar".:smile:
  15. i wonder if the new line of higher pried m by Mj bags are still made in china...the dr. groove/ delancy/etc..