Marc by MJ JJ Satchel in Bordeaux

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  1. Ok. It wasn't until I received this bag today that I saw any of the signs that it could be a fake. I'll give you the run-down of what it is and what I see wrong with it and if anyone could help me please let me know.

    It is a Marc by Marc Jacobs JJ Bowler Turn-Lock Satchel in Bordeaux. Here is a link to the original auction:
    • The lining has piping, it looks to be an unfinished seam where the fabric ran out. It is frayed and covered in glue.
    • The zippers are YKK.
    • The turn-lock on the front marc by marc jacobs is all the same. In other pictures it looked like it was enamel filled with a white marc and by marc jacobs was black.
    • The stitching is frayed or coming out a little in spots
    • The dust bag had red marks in it like the dye came off the leather. That shouldn't happen right?
    • There is a fabric tag inside that says Mad in Indonesia.
    Thank you!!!!!
  2. I have the Lovely Aline which is somewhat similar in terms of hardware from

    It should say Marc by Marc Jacobs on the little zipper tab for the inner pocket compartment. On the other zippers, there's no markings and no YKK either.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are now made in Turkey or China. Not sure about Indonesia.

    Hope it helps!
  3. Thanks ladies!
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Not open for further replies.