Marc by MJ Faridah bag

  1. Love it! I think I want the meringue. :drool:
  2. Very cute! I just ordered the softy carry all in black, holiday_MAIN_21.jpg
  3. ooh that's so pretty :yes:
  4. I ordered one as well. ;) I was stalking it on Shopbop waiting for the email notification it had arrived!

    Saw the Faridah a couple of days later and would love one of those too!
  5. k, that pic convinced me that i need it!! i missed the olive green one for fall so I am crossing my fingers that the black one is still there this fri!
  6. This bags really nice..... the meringue looks great
  7. I'm totally in love with the Softy Faridag bag but I can't seem to find it anywhere exept on Eluxury but I don't live in the states and they don't ship overseas:crybaby:
    Does anyone know a (preferably online-) story who carries this wonderful bag??

    Thanks in advance
  8. stocks the marc jacobs faridah, but only in olive green - the chalk has sold out.